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Here is some information about Rollframe Productions Limited, and Roland K. Pirker. Please feel free to contact us should you have any other questions about us.

About Rollframe
Rollframe’s broadcast facilities
Rollframe History
About Roland K. Pirker


About Rollframe

Rollframe has produced and was part in producing of over 700 film and video productions, including documentaries, development, environment, educational, sales promotional, training, sports, wedding, military public relations, medical, animal life and industrials to dramas.

Rollframe Productions applies their years of experience to capture and convince your audience through the power of sound and motion for every kind of production need.

Our client list ranges from Film & Video Producers, to NGOs, Private and Government organisations to television networks in Canada, USA and Europe.


Rollframe’s broadcast facilities:

High Definition Camera: Panasonic AJHDX900P
Digital Betacam Sony Digital DVW 700
Betacam SP cameras


Rollframe History

Founded in 1973 and incorporated in 1982, Rollframe Productions Limited is a full service production facility. Since its inception, the company has established a solid reputation for delivering quality productions. Rollframe has produced or taken part in over 700 film and video productions in the areas of documentaries, development, environment, education, sales promotion, training, sports, military public relations, medical, animal life and industrials to dramas.

Rollframe has worked with almost all formats in the industry: video from hi-definition & Betacam and film from 16 mm to 35 mm.

Our client list ranges from film & video producers, to NGOs, private and government organisations to television networks in Canada, USA and Europe.

Throughout its history, Rollframe has demonstrated an ability to accurately identify a client’s goals and objectives, and effectively translate them into successful film and video projects.

Rollframe offers extensive international experience, having shot in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America including Alaska and the Canadian Arctic. The firm provides services in English, French and German, while productions can be readily adapted to any language.


Roland K. Pirker
Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Roland has been involved in the film and video industry for over thirty years. He began his career at Conestoga College in 1973, spent two years with the CBC in Toronto as Film Editor and in 1974 joined the National Museums of Canada, where he worked the next seven years as Cinematographer, Producer and as Director and Editor for both film and video productions.

In 1981, Roland started to work full time in his own company which he had founded in 1973: Rollframe Productions. In 1982 Rollframe was incorporated, and since has offered its expertise to Government and advertising agencies, televison networks as well as private companies in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. For his work Roland has been the recipient of many awards.

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